My Passport is not working anymore

my external drive is not working anymore… on my first use, i personalized it by renaming MyPassport 500Gb hard drive. it all started when it was plugged to my laptop and then the name changed to local disk. at first, i thought it was just the laptop having some glitches. then, the second symptom is that  it says when i plug it “USB not  recognized”. i am thinking that its just a minor thing. then now when i plug it, it doesnt say anything at all. but when i feel the external drive, its kinda vibrating. meaning, there is flow of power but it does not read at all. i tried to check on the device manager, but still no sign. i purchased it in the Philippines but since im in Rwanda (Africa) presently,  i cannot find a certified service center for WD so my warranty will not be void. please help me on this issue.


If you have a Windows PC try using DLG to test the passport.