My Passport is not Showing up on My Computer to Access as a separate Drive

I just purchased this drive and I can’t get it to read on my computer.  When I plugged it into the USB port it said it was installed and ready to use but when I go to My Computer, no drive shows up to access.  The blue light is on and it seems to be running but it doesn’t show up under Devices with Removable Storage.  Usually it shows up as an F drive.  Any suggestions???  I’m running Windows XP.  It  is the Passport Essential SE 1TB.

Look in Disk Management and see if the drive is there and if it has a drive letter and is online. Also is your XP up to date with SP3 and current updates from MS?


Are you able to see your drive in Disk Management? Also if you connect your drive to a different computer are you able to see it? 

I have same problem, and i cant see my drive in disk management…what should i do??? plzz hlp me…

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I went to Device Manager and looked under Disk Drives and the passport was listed there but there is no drive associated with it and it says the device is working properly.  I had a 320GB passport previously and that one is showing up also.  My XP is up to date with SP3.

Yes.  I went to device manager and then to disk drives and both my passports were there.

Also, I tried on another computer and experienced the exact same issue.

i have the same problem…trying to do a back up but can’t find the external hardrive to do this…