My Passport is not showing up in my computer


I am using win 8.1
My Passport Ultra is not showing up anywhere. Not in device manager nor my computer.
It shows up on other devices though. Help!
note: the little led thing is lit and the USB hub is not faulty.



Is your My Passport connected directly to the USB port in computer and did you try connecting it to another USB port?


Like G_Ryan suggested, try connecting it directly to the computer (rather than the hub) and see if it works that way. Trying the back port hubs (mounted on the motherboard) is the best way to test to eliminate the cable that goes to the front ports as an issue.

The hub may not provide enough power to fully power the drive.


Thanks for trying to help.
I have tried all the ports and it is not working and I am pretty sure it’s a software problem because the hard drive works fine on my brother’s laptop and my laptop’s USB ports are all fine.


Help :frowning:


Hi…I’m currently having the exact same issue with two My Passport Ultra drives. The drives are not brand new, but have never been used, except for initially connecting to pc to be sure each worked. That was just three months ago, and one was also used to test as a second WD backup source. Now, my old passport that needs replaced has still works fine, can be seen and I can access all as normal, but the two “new” passports will only recognize and is accessible on my slightly older laptop running Windows 8. They can also be seen on a much older laptop running Windows 7. What happened in the past three months with Windows 10 that it won’t access the newer passports that had been previously connected just fine? I have not been able to find a solution to this anywhere. When connected, it appears as a generic drive icon, not the usual passport icon…when I pull up properties, it shows 0 capacity…when I try to click on it, it says the drive is not accessible ‘The device is not ready’. Also, when I try to run a disk check, it says Windows cannot access the drive. Any help would be greatly appreciated.