My Passport is not recognized

Hi folks)

The problem is almost the same one for many users, however I guess that my case is the worst one ever)

I own WDBACX7500ASL-01 Passport, which is exactly 750 Gb and it was one of my most helpful things to run business and to store important data.

However a week ago it crashed.

Crashed - meaning it’s stopped being recogized by OS (any of them: Windows, Ubuntu, DOS, etc.)

It’s not recogized in any way. It’s not visible from any kind of file system, from any disk utility (such as Acronis), however when it’s being plugged to USB it starts working (actually it does, however data is not being readable, the only thing why I know that it works - is the sound it makes and the White Light of Waiting ©, which doesn’t blink, what makes me sad and creepy).

I don’t know what to do - as far as they don’t have any official service desks here, in Ukraine.

The only way for me to start its Resurrection is to send it to the manufacturer, but it will take too much time.

P.s.: it wasn’t broken by any way - neither felt, nor put in liquids.

P.p.s.: If you can help me anyhow - I’ll appreciate it and surely feed you with Borsch if you’ll sometimes visit Kyiv (Ukraaine, daaa).


Try buying a power booster cable micro for your drive. Hope that works.