My passport is not mounting

Hi everyone,

my 1TB passport just stopped mounting for no reason. Every time i connect it to my laptop, it spins up and lights go on as usual, but it never mounts. I looked around on the forum and found few similar problems, but just wanted to add that I do not see the drive in device manager. Plus I tried this hard drive on other computer and all of the USB ports.

I got my exams coming up and all my notes are on there. I would be forever grateful if anyone can help.



your drive most likely has bad sectors that preventing it from loading up. pm sent

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I will try to do that HDDRS thanks.

Hi HDDRS and Ramzes,

Could either of you please post the solution here or pm please? I’m in the same boat and would really appreciate the help!

I have that same issue.  Could you share the fix with me as well.  Thank you.