My Passport is not detected

Hello, My Western Digital is not getting detected which was working 1 week before. Suddenly this was not detected and following is happening after connecting in my laptop (Win 7 64 bit OS) a) Light appearing on the drive. b) Hearing sound from the drive. But not detected. Please help me on this. Thanks, Srini

Might be a data corruption problem, check if it’s recognized on disk management if you have Window or disk utility if you have a Mac.

is the sound normal? like spinning idle sound? or something else?

yeah like mentioned before check disk manager to see if your drive gets detected even, if not try another USB port, or even another computer. Different cable also can help.


   It is normal spinning sound.

   But, I couldn’t see additional USB 3.0 special port in the device manager.

   I tried with old external hard disk (usb 2.0) it is working. But, this new technology even it supports on the driver USB 2.0 version. Not sure why ? But I have connected my external hdd on different laptop still it is not detecting. As you recommended, I still need to try with the new cable.