My Passport is inaccessible

My passport (1TB HDD) is inaccessible in my computer. The drive is recognized. but not shown in my computer. When checked, disk management displays as

Disk 1 : Unknown; 931.48GB Not Initialized (Unallocated).

I am concerned about losing data if i go ahead with initializing the disk. Is there a way to recover my disk?

PS: if it is of any relevance, i am using dual OS (Windows 10/Ubuntu 14.04)
Thanks in advance.

“Unallocated” means the partition table has failed. If data recovery is a concern and there’s no backup then I’d recommend contacting a professional data recovery service company.

Try this link for Ubuntu

Thank you. I tried the link, testdisk in ubuntu. When i tried to analyse the disk, i got a bunch of “read err: Input/output error”. I have attached the log file. since the operation was aborted, i’m running it again. Will post the new log if it is any different. (1.8 KB)