My passport invalid password

I have a My Passport 500G for MAC and all of a sudden it has stopped authorizing my password.  I am 100% certain that the password that I am entering is correct, however, the login for My Passport rejects it! I even wrote down my password incase I forgot it, but the password I wrote down is exactly the same as what I am entering yet it STILL rejects my password! This is super frustrating as thousands of photos and documents are stored on My Passport. 

Please help me.

Same here! Its almost as if the hard drive forgot your password! Have you gotten any help from anyone yet or any advice? If so, please share it. =)

Passport Essential SE does not open automatically on iMac but opened on macBook.  In neither case is there any indication beyond a marvelously useless 3 step (take the cable and plug it into the unit and into the computer) but 8 color “user quick install” guide.

Icons show up when the “smartware” folder is clicked on.  I have rarely seen less content, less information in a help guide.

The posts here speak of Passwords, my searches get messages to the effect that the Passport is unmodifiable and so cant accept the files I want to put on the drive.  Other machines I have seen, even an earlier version of this one, unload, fire up, find the user files and back them up automatically.  The tiny silver light comes on…but does not blink.  The drive does not turn on the iMac but does on the newer macBook.  But the point is the software is installed but inert, the machine is NOT working, 

What is the installation process?  If my drives are not locked as the messages report, I can’t Unlock.

The message asking Do you intend to use the drive as a back up?" appeared on the macBook, not the older iMac.