My Passport inaccesible but power is supplying

Dear Geeks,

My External harddrive “WD Mypassport 1 TB” is always connected to server as takes incremental backup of file server.

Yesterday I observed that the external harddrive is inaccesible and backups also failled for few days.

I tried to connect the drive to other computers still inaccesible but Power is supplying ( I mean LED is in solid state-not blinking ).

Please suggest your recommendations. Harddrive is still in Warrnaty.

Thanks in Advance.


Please connect the drive to a Windows computer and check how is the drive showing on Disk management.

Please see the following link for instructions on how to check the disk management.

Also might be a good idea to contact WD Support for direct assistance.

WD Contact info:

Hi ERmorel,

Thank you for your reply.

Today I tried to isolate the issue.

Some times it is working and some times not .While it is working I have observed that it is failing to work continuosly ,lets say for 40 mins it’s working then again keeps calm (not working ,becomes inaccesible ). While it is not working nothing can be seen in Disk Management.

I have tried by changing cable but the issue remains same.

Seems some issue with working continuously ,may be of power/ hardware issue.

Before it was working fine without any issue on Dell PowerEdge Server ( Windows Server 2012 OS) ,but I tried on both Windows Server and Windows 8 to isolate the issue ,but no use.

I have sent an email to WD Support ,they just created a CASE but no reply till now. I don’t find the phone number of Middle East (QATAR).



For the Middle East region, use the Number (0031.880062100) on the following link.


Today I have tried to contact to WD through phone which was provided by you, unfortunately the phone was ringing exactly for 9 secs. and disconnnecting and I tried 4-5 times no one are responding.

Email Support : No response for my mail ,so I have sent another mail and they have just created a case ,that’s it , no response for both mails.

Looking forward for help !


Sorry to hear that. 

I’ll pass your information along to the support team for direct assistance.

Thanks for your concern !

Looking forward.