My Passport in device manager, not seen in file explorer

Hi, I have a my passport 1TB external non wireless hard drive. Just a day or so ago, not from anything I can think of having done, it stopped showing on file Explorer. It ‘beeps’ 7 times, 3 times and then 3 times. This youtube video shows what I’m pretty sure the problem is (note I haven’t opened mine up because of the dangers, this just shows the issue)

It is shown in disk management but it says I have to re initialise and therefore it would wipe the drive (If I go through with it, it gives me a fatal error). Also smart ware states the drive has no writable partition.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I need the data off of the hard drive. I can get rid of the hard drive after, not worried about it.


Attempting to initialize the hard drive may have further compromised the unit’s integrity, which would make recovery attempts harder.

Did you browse online for a data recovery application? If no success is archived then perhaps it would be best to contact a specialized data recovery service company.