My Passport icon not on desktop?

I am having a issue with my 500gb passport, on my mac. Ive attempted to repair and found an invalid node structure? i have had this ex drive for only two weeks? The drive also makes a repeting clicking sound after the drive is connected. My smartware Icon does appear though?


Was the WD Mypassport studio 500GB working well before?

How was it connect? Firewire800/400 or USB.

If using USB cable, Have you try a shorter cable such one or two feet in lenght.

The six feets or longer cable doesn’t provide enough power to the drive which make the drive making clicking noise.

If you are using the Firewire 800/400 and the drive is started to make clicking noise constantly. It may due to the drive is defective.

You need to contect WD techsupport for further help.