My Passport has stopped doing daily backups

My older 4TB My Passport worked for several months but then stopped doing auto backups. I bought a new one, got it to do a backup but it also has stopped doing daily backups. Help please!


What software are you using? Any messages? What operating system? Exact name of the Passport; there are several models. Check the USB cable or replace.

Recent Windows 10 Update? There has been trouble for that.


Clifford, thanks for replying. I’m using the software that comes with the My Passport (2TBP Model: WDBYFT0020BWT:WESN) . Windows 10 operating system – yes there was a fairly large update to Windows 10 about 2 weeks ago.


This shows a Snipping Tool shot of the Backup screen yesterday 6/13. Shows last backup was 6/2 (but also indicates last Missed Backup was 6/9 – strange when backups are requested daily). Yesterday, in making the entry in the WD website, I called up the software as shown and also used File Explorer to look at the contents of the drive. Something must have made the software work because today it shows the following:


Updated last night (although shows same Missed Backup).

The other My Passport (J:) (same kind but is a 4TB size) was backed up last night also.

Not sure what to make of this. I will let it go for a few days and see if it is working now. If not, maybe I need to look at it each day to make it work.

If you can think of something else to try I would appreciate it.

Clifford, thanks again for the reply,