My Passport for Mac won't boot carbon copy clone

Hi Folks, new here.

MacBook Pro late 2011 a1286, OS 10.9. My passport for Mac USB 3.0, 1 TB.

Disc was partitioned and formatted. 1 partition for time machine, the other for carbon copy (supposed to be bootable).

When using option key, to choose boot drive, WD external drive does not come up as boot drive.

Have read a few things; 1) not bootable (via firewire per WD website but I’m using USB), 2) try 2.0 USB cable, 3) use a combination of key strokes (Option-Shift-Command-Period) to load drivers.

The computer does (did) recognize the drive and has recent time machine backups. So does this eleiminate drivers as cause?

Any thoughts suggestions? I think the internal drive is faulty, it starts to boot then shuts off. It will open network diagnostics, but only error is battery, due to non-apple battery installed.

Thanks in advance…

One other thought. The clone was copied from a “disc image” on original internal HD

When you use Carbon Copy app to duplicate partition. It will tell you if device is bootable or not.

There was no messages when I cloned the HD using carbon copy.

Drive shows up as bootable on other Macs but not On Mac book pros circa 2011-2012.

Can I copy to different device that is bootable, save things then transfer?

Thanks and happy New Year