My Passport for Mac USB 3.0 is not recognized by my 2011 iMac with USB 2.0 ports

Hi, my 2011-era iMac (with USB 2.0 ports)doesn’t recognize my WD 2TB My Passport for Mac SUB 3.0. the WD Device IS recognized by the other iMacs to which I have connected it. I was able to write a file to it from these other machines. Thus is is not the Passport drive or the cable. A USB 3.0 device should be recognizable by a USB 2.0 computer. (This is not an issue of speed but of the iMac not finding and recognizing the existence of the drive). Obviously this is an iMac issue, but the iMac Community doesn’t seem to know the answer. Any one on the WD forum who can help?

This is a known issue with USB 3.0 drivers in general and some 2011 Apple devices. Try replacing the USB 3.0 cable with a Micro USB 2.0 cable (Flat half of the port, leaving the square half unused). This will force USB 2.0 mode at a hardware level.