My Passport for Mac is not showing all my files and ejects itself

My Passport is showing up on my Finder.  I go to the External Hard drive and it shows my folder and then when I go to any of the folders none of my files show up.  After a few minutes my Passport ejects itself and I get a message that the Passport was unproperly diconected.  This is a HUGE PROBLEM becuase the folders that open are my clients files so I can’t design.  I need help ASAP.


Have you tried checking the drive with the disk utilities?

Try using the option for first aid on the disk utilities to check the drive for errors.


Have you been able to perform the previously recommended test? At times, portable devices such as the WD Passport may not obtain enough power if the USB cable is not working properly, resulting on accidental ejections. Do you have the same issue with different USB cables?