My Passport For Mac for Dummies!

Hi guys

I am new here and as I am not a tech wiz, would love some help please on the following questions I have regarding My Passport for Mac.

I purchased My Passport for Mac a few weeks ago as my 2014 Macbook Pro was playing up and I was worried that I had not backed up anything in the 2 years that I owned it. Now, I have no idea if I am supposed to leave this connected to my Mac all the time or do I disconnect it and reconnect every time I need to back up? If I am supposed to disconnect, how do I do this safely without just removing the USB cord?

Sorry if I sound naive, but when it comes to this stuff, I am!

Would appreciate any help



You can simply connect it each time you will be backing up, and safely remove it every time the backup is completed.
Here are some links that will help you.

Thank you Feragui, I appreciate that :slight_smile:

Cheers Nicky