My passport fell down and case is broken

I have a Passport USB 3.0, yesterday it fell down and plastic case is broken, disc works fine

the thing is, after hours trying to re assemble again the disc into the case, it was impossible

does someone shares the same problem? any solutions, are there any replacements for it? buying an enclosure could be it?

thank you veru much

If the internal drive did not suffer any damage, you can try a external enclosure to retrieve the data.

Most of  USB3 Passport drive has built-in USB interface. User said that the drive is working fine. He is extremely lucky.

But he needs to keep his fingers cross for a month or so to be sure, the reliability of the drive itself.

In the mean time it is not advisable to backup anything important.

If you can post an image or two of the broken case on this forum, someone might come up with an idea to mend it.

Mabikay – SLK

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