My Passport external HD blinks like normal but wont show up on any computer

Have a 500gb My Passport external Harddrive:

The cord connection on the drive was always a little loose and could easily fall out… The drive would still always appear when plugged into my mac book pro.

A few weeks ago my computer would fail to recognize the drive so I tried it with different cords and on different computers - it would light up then start blinking in all cases like it had when the computer used to be able to recognize it but still no luck.

I took off the plastic casing and now the connection to the external was pretty tight (it turns out the little usb port had pushed back slightly which was the reason for the loose connection to begin with) but still no recognition from my computer.

What do I do?  I am pretty sure its a hardware issue and not a software issue  - any recommendations?


At this point I would recommend you to verify if the drive is being recognized in Disk Management in your computer, If it is, formatting the drive should erase all the errors that were generated by the inappropriate disconnection, hence not safely removing the drive before disconnecting it is  one of the main causes of data corruption.