My passport External Hard Drive USB showing up as Local Disk



I am looking for possible solutions to the above problem. In my computer it used to show the drive name (My passport), capacity etc. However, it still shows in my devices and printers as “my passport”. When I try to troubleshoot it shows as NTFS so I know its not corrupted.

Is it possible that I unplugged it while Windows was running, without clicking on the Safely Remove Hardware icon and possible the the partition table data was damaged on it and now I cannot access the drive.

When I double click on it via my computer I get the message “generic drive:\ is not accessible”

Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you in advance.


I suggest you try to safely remove the drive, but if you can’t, then turn off computer and on the way off it will release the drive. Now, unplug drive from PC, and reboot the PC. Once it boots up fully, plug drive back in to USB while watching for any error messages from PC regarding the drive. If you know how to scan disks for errors do that procedure. Scan should fix any issues. In other words, once you have the drive off the PC, treat it like any other external drive. to reconnect it it PC.