My Passport exFAT WD Security support

Hey there. I’m planning to purchase WD My Passport WDBYNN0010BBK 1TB which is formatted in NTFS from the factory. Since I often switch between PC and Mac I would be reformatting the drive to exFAT straight off to have it compatible with Mac & PC without any additional software. I just want to know if ‘WD Security’ software used for the encryption will be able to work with exFAT format in both Mac & PC. Also, will reformatting to exFAT void my warranty by any chance?

Thank you so much in advance for your replies.

Hi jnRB,

The My Passport drive is supports the WD Security software and will work with the exFAT formatted My Passport drive as well.

Moreover, reformatting the drive into exFAT does not void your WD My Passport External drive warranty.