My Passport Essentials Wont get detected!

i have a WD my passport Essential 500GB

i got this from India, but I immigrated to USA 

is there any way i can get my hdd serviced?

I recently was working on my drive, and next day i wake up to find that my drive wont read on windows,

i panicked and tried to read it on linux and it read it successfully, i backed up all important data!

i rebooted into windows and it still wont detect, running chkdsk /R on the drive resulted in a message That its a raw partition.

I loaded the WD formatter and formatted the drive, it worked great for a day and the next day it wont detect at all

it gets detected when i hold it vertically, but when i start to format it just wont do it giving me an error at about 20%

when i re attach it shows up as an unknown partition

is there any way i can have this serviced in USA???

its a limited edition drive that i won in a competition!

I recommend you to contact WD Support: