My Passport Essential stop / freeze / locks


Ive had my passport for 10 months and well ive alwaysed had issued with this product-.- … and well lately its been worse.

Sometimes i can find it sometimes i cant. And well sometimes i simply need to take another USB port… to get it to work… and well windows wants to formate it mostly after ive moved files like 5-15 gb over to it or so. Today I then decided to do a scan with the WD software but well everytime my passport shall work a little it simply freezes (The white flash light stays and do not blink) so after 10% of a fully scan with the software it stops… “Complete Drive test failed.” since the passport freezes…

I have formated it twice before btu well this cant be right i cant even take a game or 2 over on it, or a movie.

What shall i do… since it’s freeze… really freaking annoying and sorry to say but i think Western digital atm dosent give a S*** about their   Customers… ive seen LOTS of issues also with this no solution … and well it have always been the costumers who comes up with the ideas…=/

Best regards Shamatix, hope for some help! :slight_smile:

replace the drive