My Passport Essential SE won't back up

My computer recently crashed, but all of my data was successfully backed up on My Passport. I was able to retrieve the data without incident. However, now that I need to restart the backup process, I can’t seem to get it to work. I’ve reloaded all of the software; I even went so far as to erase the drive and restart my computer. When the computer came back up and I reattached my drive, it reloaded the drivers, or something, and I thought that would fix the issue. Unfortunately, I still can’t get it to work. I even unchecked the box that said “run backup when computer is idle.” I’m out of ideas at this point. Help!

Are you able to see your drive in Disk Management or Device Management?

Yes. Under ‘Device Manager’, I see “WD Drive Management devices”. When expanded, I then see WD SES Divice". I can navigate once I launch WDSmartWare. I reset my password, and established what I want to be backed up. But, when I try to launch the back up, nothing happens.

Here’s what I see. Normally the home screen shows a count of each file type (documents, music, pictures, etc.). The back up was turned on, but no files show in “Data backed up”. I’m at a loss. :confounded: