My Passport Essential SE (USB 3.0) Not listed as F:

I hope someone can help.

I have a  My Passport Essential SE (USB 3.0) When I plug it into the computer it is in the list of divices and printers but when I go to open it in this PC where the list of drives are it isnt there.

Now it isnt even in my devices list

It is now back on my devices list but I cant open it to retrieve my data etc. PLEASE HELP. Thanks

Also, if I plug it into my USB 3.0 port it doesnt show in the devices list but it does in the 2.0 port.

Check if the drive comes up under Disk Management.

See more troubleshooting options on the link bellow:

WD external drive is not assigned a drive letter by Windows or Mac OSX and data on the drive is inaccessible

It doesnt appear in disc management

I tried it on an old computer I have and it worked once. I managed to get some data off it but it wont work again :frowning: