My Passport Essential SE password problem

I purchased my My Passport Essential SE approximately five months ago.  When I set it up, I chose to protect it with a password that I knew I wouldn’t forget.  My device worked fine until today, when I typed in the password and SmartWare rejected it.  I tried all possible variations of the password, and nothing worked.  I did not change my password, and I have not updated the firmware since I purchased the device.  I do not want to format the drive and lose my data.  I know my password is right, and I don’t understand what is wrong with my drive.

Try a different computer and see if any difference

there’s a chance the partition got corrupted

I tried it on another computer and it still didn’t work.  I don’t understand why it would suddenly stop accepting my password.

Could be corruption as I mentioned

you can try updating the firmware on the drive

I tried to update the firmware, but it prompts me to unlock the drive in order to update and my password still isn’t working.

Check the password hint ( if any )

if not you will have no other option than erase and start over with the backup

I don’t have a password hint because as I said above, I know my password.  I’m unwilling to “start over” because the drive is clearly defective, so I don’t want to lose more data by trying to use it again.

If that’s the case you can replace the drive

try contacting WD

That still won’t get me my data.

I did, they emailed me a few times and then stopped responding.