My Passport Essential SE help!

hi! i bought a few days ago the external disk named in the subject, 1TB, USB 3.0 + 2.0.

on the package, it was clearly written that the disk works on both windows, and mac.

but when i connected the disk to my mac, it was not recognized/found etc. 

i tried it in both of my usb, but again nothing.

i also did connected it to a windows 7 pc, and only one time it was recocnized, but after that time it was never recognized again…

suddenly later, after a lot of tries, my disk was recognizd by my mac!  (but only for that time)…

i wanted to format it to FAT32, via my mac, because it is more useful to me, but the procedure got me an error message, it definately did not got in FAT32 format, and by that time, AGAIN, my disk was never recognized!! 

any tips about what to do???


FAT32 is not the best choice it has a max file size of 4gig. What OS do you want to use it on? If it’s just the Mac format it with the Mac  If you wish to use on both Mac and Windows format it on Windows NTFS then go to Apple site and download NTFS-3G and install on Mac. That will allow the drive to be fully used by Mac.


I want to use it for both MAC and PC. But first of all, I can’t find it on my computer’s. It is like I didn’t insert it. On Windows it only says if i like to disconect it (but i can’t see the disc on My Computer) and on Mac it has an icon on the top of the screen which says if i want to unlock it. But also can’t see the disc. Any idea? 

I don’t know about Mac but in Windows see if it shows in disk management. Just right click on computer and select manage.


The SES driver must be installed and then the drive must be formatted.

If that drive contains smartware its not recommended to be formatted for both OS simultaneously