My Passport Essential SE firmware update Issue

Just received my WD 1 TB  passport essential SE HD, first thing i wanted to disable my vcd manager, for that i needed to update my firware, so i downloaded the “WD Firmware Updater version (Windows) updates to 2.003 Firmware”, before running this, i disabled norton antivirus, and any programs using the usb accessing the drive

was disabled.

I unziped the update file, wile running it it askled to accept the agreemnt which i did, then recognized my drive and asked me to continue, in the next screen it mentioned yiur wd drive is being accesed , so disconnect that and continue, only exit was button enabled, i clicked exit and came out of it.

i still not been able to install the firmwareupdate … cud u tell me where i am going wrong.



Since there’s been no replies, maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support


The problem is fixed… i used another laptop to update the firmware and remove the additional smartware drive.

the problem seems to be an virus named “kalra.exe” in my pendrive which somehow transferred the autorun.inf file

to my new pasport drive, whrein whenever i use to update the firmware, it used to popup with an message saying this drive is in use…

thank god, this time everything was smooth

thanx WD, gr8 drive


shakeel ahmed

I have wd essential se 750gb . I 've same problem but no call number to Turkey. What should I do ? (sorry English)

Hi koppo,

Have you disabled your HDD defragmentation app,?

After I turned off all AV and anti-spyware apps, it was this, which prevented my update until I disabled it in services, however I use Diskeeeper 2010



Windows indexing is another app that accesses the HDD, turn it off too![in services]