My Passport Essential SE--Cant recognise by Vista


I just bought a new My Passport Essential SE. I used it on my computer where I am having WInXP SP3. formatted the drive worked fine and able to see. But when I am plugging it into the Laptop where I have Windows Vista . Its prompting me for the security Password but not showing me the drive after a correct password.

I am able to see the VCD, but cant see the drive in Vista. Plz help…as I am new bie…



It sounds like you have turned the security when you were using it from winXP computer.

If only you are using it and do not need to enter password.

I would suggest you remove the password.

Here is how to do it:

From the WD Smartware menu click on Settings

Click on Drive Settings

Click on Security

Under the Password enter your old password

Make sure that Remove Security is selected

Then Click on the Update Security Settings

That would remove the password.

Unplug the WD external drive and plug it back in for the new change to take effect.


Thanks thanarath !  I just ran into a similar problem…followed your instructions and I’m back on line.  How can I give MORE than just 2 kudos?  You saved my weekend.


You are so welcome.

I am happy to help anyone that needs help.

I do not know why you have limit on giving kudos.

You can try giving the kudos to this thread to see if it work.

Have a nice weekend.

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i followed your step because i was having a similar problem but in the Settings, under Security where you said to type password and select Remove Security; there was no Remove Security to select. is there any way you can help me


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