My Passport Essential SE all the sudden stopped working while using it

I have a 1tb External Hard Drive that I use to store my movies that I had digitized or have purchased digital copies from amazon. I watched a movie and went to select a new movie and it quit working. I tried it on many other computers but none of the computers were able to read it. The light still comes on but that is all. How can I recover my movies? Can I recover my movies? Please I need help. I have 1090 movies on here. It took me months to digitize all mine and family members movies. I don’t want to have to do all that again. Can someone help me please.  Thank you

I have a similiar problem kountrygirl39

I have a WD My Book 1140 USB Device (2 TB) which I am running on Windows 7.
When I rebooted my computer, after stopping all devices, the device now reads as (Local Disk) and cannot be opened and says I need to reformat .

Is their anyway to save all of my data?

Is all of my data lost for good?

Can someone please explain what we need to do to save our movies, and cartoons in my case?

Please and thank you in advance for and suggestions or help with this issue.


After doing some more searching I can see that this is a common problem with this product in general.

Its a wonder that their still in business at all!

Anyways, if we do get an answer or response its going be, reformat the drive, or complain about this faulty product.

Neither of which will help us to save or restore our lost data.

And yes if the data did not matter and was not important, yes a simple reformat would work (only temperarely I suspect)

I for one will never spend my hard earned money and time on this product ever again.

Well this is my third one plus I turned the hard drive from my old laptop into an external drive. The first two which I purchased 6 years ago are still working. I have always used this product. I know people who have seagates, toshibas and others and have had nothing but problems with them. My son bought a seagate despite what I told him and in six months and one replacement later he has no external drive. This external drive that I am having problems with I have owned for 3 years and it is one month out of warrenty. I had tried the freezer thing and it is still not working. I don’t know what to do. I can re-digitize all those movies. I don’t even have the ones that I bought on amazon so I can’t get them back either. Now I wonder about the other ones. One has all my pictures and home videos on and I can’t lose them. There is absolutely no way of getting those back. Guess I’m going and buying a ton of disks and copying them all just in case.