My passport essential SE 1TB is not working

I have a  1TB my passport essential SE, NTFS formatted (I use macos X).

My HD was perfectly working till few days ago.

Now I can see my HD (and all the files inside) only for few seconds and then it disappears showing the message “The device you _removed _was not properly put away” so I’m not able to copy any data.

I tryed it on another mac but it’s still not working…

Well, if the Mac is telling you it’s seeing the drive get disconnected, then that’s highly likely to be the issue.

Is your USB cable under 18 inches?

Can you try a different USB cable?

You might need to get a power booster cable if your USB port is not capable of providing sufficient current to the drive for proper operation.

I tried with a different cable but it’s still not working. Sometimes the computer sees the hard disc for few seconds, sometimes I just have the time to select a file and… It disconnects.
I don’t think it’s a UBS port problem 'cause it was perfectly working few days ago.

I’m having the exact same problem. Work on osx as well. Used different cables and nothing. Tried to verify and then repair on disk utility but only stays on for a min before disconnecting me with the same error message as soon as I try to access. Have you found a solution to this?

dude, this thread is over 3 months old, you should have opened your own instead of bumping and provide more details on your specific issue (Passport model, version of OSX, ETC) since the reason the drive is not working for you could very well be extremely different from the OP…