My Passport Essential SE 1 Tb USB 3.0 not working properly

I just bought this device and when connecting to my usb 3.0 port it keeps disconnecting and reconnecting when transferring files. when connected to USB 2.0 the device seems to work as it should be. What can I do/need to check to resolve this problem? I have a Asus N73SV notebook.

UPDATE 1: It seems that I was able to resolve the problem. Here’s what I did

  1. Update firmware “My passport Essential SE”

  2. Update WD smartware

3) update bios

  1. update chipset

  2. update USB 3.0 drivers (not the drivers supplied by Asus on the support site, but updates directly from manufacturer, Fresco Logic)

After updating and connecting my wd portable drive, the connection seems stable. I recorded 80-90 MB data transfer when using the USB3.0,  in contrast to the +/- 20 Mb data transfer on my USB 2.0.

I hope this update can help others who experience the same problem.


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Thanks for sharing it.  Very good transfer speed you are getting with USB 3.0, some users cannot get more than 50 MB/s, maybe a driver issue.