My Passport Essential SE 1 TB is no longer recognized by PC's or TV

After a year of working fine with no issues all of a sudden my external hard drive stopped being recognized by my PC, laptop, and TV (ie it is not recognized by anything).

The hard drive no longer shows up under disk management, the computer won’t even recognize that it’s plugged in (yet the white light on the hard drive still turns on), I tried updating the firmware but the WD software can’t detect that the hard drive is plugged in—even though it is.

It’s not an issue with the usb drives because other devices work fine in them.

Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be? It’s still under warranty but I’d like to try and fix the problem myself and not lose all the data I had on the hard drive…

try using a different USB cable. if still the same try contacting WD to see what your options are