My passport essential SE 1 TB is disconnecting from my PC

Has any one came accross this problem?

My passport essential SE 1 TB  is disconnecting  from my pc during file transfer

Like going into a sleep mode

Any advice?

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They do go into sleep mode, how long it normally takes to go into sleep mode? Do you have Smartware install in your computer? You can modify the options using Smartware settings.

Check and see if they have updated software for that model. They did an update for some USB powered drives with the sleep problem.


It takes just few minutes sometimes a few seconds  for it to disconnect I have formated it to NTFS as soon as I got it

I have also checked it with another PC and got the same results

After I have checked one more time, it looks like the problem is with the contacts on the HDD side

Just got it yesterday and already such a problem… :frowning:

have you contacted support about it?  does the drive seem to spin down, or does it stop altogether?