My Passport Essential Reformatted in Error

My Son  had a problem with our computer and in error reformatted our new “My Passport Essential” drive. We have lost all data and the virtual CD partition.   I would be most grateful for instructions to recreate the virtual cd and reload the software onto “My Passport” drive. FRom what I have read the drive should have two partitions an E; drive of about 20mb and and F: partition with occupying the rest of the disk space. I can recreate the partitions but am at a loss on how to recreate the virtual CD download the software and then ensure the firmware and software are up to date.  I have tried to download firmware updates etc but they fail I now think this may be because I need the virtual CD partition.

Many Thanks

1.i think your drive has a problem already i mean, normally even you reformatted your drive the vcd should still be there… 2.have tried to download this? WD SmartWare Utilities (VCD & Firmware) if you havent try to download it and then if it still not working then call WD to replace your drive(if you are still in warranty)… to check your warranty just go to WD website and follow this path WD Support / Warranty Services / End User / Warranty Check for End User… just type your serial number there…

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

 Have reformatted drive and downloaded software and all seems to be OK again. Don’t know what I did differnt but drive back up and running OK. Many thanks for all of your help.