My Passport Essential: Power/Activity LED won't turn off after Safely Removing the HD

There was an exact same question asked, but there were no answers given and I couldn’t bump up the thread.

I am currently using My Passport Essential on Mac and there are quite a number of problems. One of them being, the Power/Activity LED.

After I eject the external hd (not using the WD Smartware) using the Mac eject button, the external hd still blinks/flashes. I am worried that unplugging in that state would damage my Mac and/or external drive.

Can anyone help? (preferably methods not involving the usage of WD Smartware).

Thank you very much.

If the icon dissapeared from Finder it will be safely to remove it. The Passport is powered by the computer, in some systems it will remain on, even if it has been ejected.


Thanks for the reply.

I didn’t unplug my hard drive until the shut down of my MacBook. There is definitely a shut down sound of the hard drive; does this mean that my hard drive hasn’t shut down even after I ejected off of Finder using ‘eject’?

Also, are there rules to follow when connecting/disconnecting the USB cable?

Thanks again.