My Passport Essential performing well, Enclosure not doing so well

So ive had my My Passport Essential 1TB Black for about 7-8 months now, after i purchased it from OfficeWorks.

Last night i broke not the drive, but the enclosure that contains the drive. The side panel that wraps around 3 out of 4 of the sides popped off after the beam inside broke. If required i can provide pictures of it. Thanks to the shock protectors on the corners, all my data is fine, and i was just wondering if i could get a replacement for the case.

Sorry Mate,

That’s not going to happen at least from WD, you just void the warranty of the unit. However you can purchase a third party USB enclosure to put the drive on it.

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The original encrypting PCB will need to accompany the disk when it is installed in the new housing.

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So theres no chance of getting it replaced? everything is intact except for a weak piece in the inner casing. I can provide Photo Proof.