My Passport Essential on Mac - unable to install the installer!

I have recently bought a Passport essential and have managed to run the installation software on my mac at work and format the drive successfully, putting files on the drive at work.

I am now unable to install the WD + TURBO INSTALLER software (1.2.1) on my Powerbook at home. When I download the zip file and it is opened up, I cannot open the software, getting the message:

"you can’t open the application “WD+TURBO_INSTALLER because it is not supported on this architecture”.  

It’s a PowerPC G4 running OSX 10.5.8. Are there alternative installers so I can use my passprt on the laptop?

Many thanks.

If you only need to format the Passport to make it compatible with your Mac, you can do it from the disk utility.

Thanks for the reply, but formatting isn’t an issue - it’s already been done on a different machine. It’s that the device is not being recognised by the Powerbook.

I have been told that it may be that the powerbook is unable to supply sufficient power to the drive via its USB connection and has suggested that getting a Y-cable may solve this problem.

Any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated.