My passport essential not wanting to do anything!

I accidently knocked the 500gb hard drive off the table not once but three times in a row and not it’s not wanting to work at all. it won’t show up on my desktop, and won’t let me reformat it. It will show up in the disk utility, but i can’t do anything to the hard drive. The drive is running, the light is on but not flashing like when it’s working.

The drive is only two years old and I’m using it on a MacBook Pro snow lepord os. I really need to at least be able to pull file off since I important file on it.

have you try using a data recovery software? you might need that.

3 Times in a row!, I wouldn’t call that an accident. :neutral_face:. Ok so hard drives are pretty sensitive to being dropped, did you tried clicking on the repair disk option on the disk utility app? If that doesn’t work then I would contact tech support to replace it.