My Passport Essential not recognised

My Passport Essential 500 GB is not recognised on any computer, PC or Mac, that I use.

The device had been working, but I was switching it between Mac and PC. Whilst on the PC, I tried to open one of the files and it would not open, error messages appeared after I tried to open that particular file. When I restarted the PC and tried to access the device it had disappeared from list of available drivers, I tried it on a Mac and another PC and it was the same issue.

A few weeks ago, the device had been plugged into my Mac, I moved it and the device fell, detaching from its cable and falling to the ground. It was from a low height and hit a wooden floor.

Either the device can be fixed, in which case, my question is, how should I do this or who should I send it to? Alternatively, the device is irreparable and needs to be replaced. It is still under warranty. Unfortunately it has all my files stored on it and there is no backup. It could be that the cable is damaged and might simply need replacing. Worst case scenario is the device will need to be reformatted and I will lose all data on it. Are there any suggestions for retrieving files prior to having to do something so drastic?

Hi well Mac’s and PC’s have a different file system so you can not just expect it to work on both. If the drive is not recognized you really can not do anything with it as no recovery program will find the drive. In the chips on a hard drive there is what is called firmware one of the aspects of firmware is to let you know the working condition of the drive. One of the parts of the firmware has a section called G-sense this records any drops the drive takes this is checked on a RMA if the G-sense shows a big hit they will not warranty it. Sorry but there is not much more you can do unless you want to use a data recovery company to retrieve your data which can cost a good amount. 

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OK, thanks for the info