My passport essential install failure but can't remove

Hi all, I installed the minimal wd smart wotsit and the unlocker but something must have gone wrong because while I can create a partition on the drive I can’t copy anything to it. Attempts to uninstall / hide/ remove the thing so I can start again have all failed. In fact, the wd software options from the **bleep** pages not only don’t work - half of them don’t even recognise my passport. Yet the darn thing still needs the unlocker - and uninstalling via the device manager “looks” like it works - but a reboot sees the whole lot back again. Short of using a three pound lump hammer, how do get this “stuff” OFF the drive please?

Um… I got bleeped. I wasn’t swearing, honest. Much as I feel like it right now. I used the usual acronym for “Frequently Asked Questions” pages and that’s what got bleeped. Anyway - I still can’t find a way to reset all this and start again. I got one of those programs from the help pages to work, sort of, but the option to change settings was present but inactive. That’s the closest I’ve been able to get to a reset so far. WD’s contact pages have auto-replies saying up to three working days. That means it could be five since I started asking for help and I spent two trying to get things sorted before asking. If this is a problem that may necessitate a return I’m running out of time! Does anybody have any ideas of what I might try in the meantime please?