My Passport Essential has lost driver

Hello…my computer has lost the drivers for my passport essential.  Can I download a program that will restore a driver so that I can use my passport?  I am tired and confused reading all that I have read.  I am just really not sure which program to use, or if in fact, that will even solve the problem.  I just want to have the use of My Passport back.  Please help…it is much appreciated.   Cheryll

You don’t need WD drivers to use your drive as a USB pen drive. If you used drive password lock feature, you need to download SES communications driver from here.

SES Driver Download

First extract the content in to desktop and then use Device Manager to update the driver. If the WD external drive is not shown on Device Manager, you have a connection problem or a hardware fault.

You have not mentioned whether you use a Mac or PC. Above driver is for Windows PC. Next time make sure to include your drive model on your post. If you need further help, don’t hesitate to ask from this forum.

Perhaps I can better explain.  I have a Dell Studio XPS laptop.  I am using My Passport Essential 070A as a mass storage unit for my pictures that I view through Picasa.  By the way, these pictures have been synced and stored to the web in Picasa as another backup.

Opening Control Panel, Device Manager, I find under ‘other devices’ my WB Passport Device is shown.  When I click on the Passport Device to see the drive properties this is in the message box.  The drivers for this device are not installed (code 28).  There is no driver selected for the device info set or element.  To find driver for this device, click update driver.  When I choose update driver and click search automatically, it searches and searches and searches.  I have to go through task manager to end this process.

What in the world has happened that I cannot see my pictures from this device.  Any thoughts or comments as to what could be wrong or what I should do to remedy the situation?  Thanks so very, very  much.

If this is the case, I suspect your USB drive has a bad disk drive. USB >SATA interface part should be okay. (You get correct device name) At this point you have to seek help from WD support to get a replacement. You can use WD DLG diagnostics to determine the fault in the drive. It might not even complete the test. But you can use that result to get a warranty replacement. I am sorry that you had to go through all this…