My Passport essential hard drive of 320 gb. is not working after upgrading the firmware software

Hi, I am amit shah. I have  My Passport essential hard drive of 320 gb. It was working fine for almost a year now, Today in the morning , I tried to update the drive firmware software going online on site. I downloaded the file and followed the instructions as given. After upgradation of firmware software my laptop restarted and  therefore , I removed the USB cable of the drive. Now I cannot access the driven, nor from  my Computer nor from WDsmartware software. The drive alphabets are missing. I cannot access the drive. All my data is on this drive. Someone plz help me to get my data back. I will be very thankful to you if you help me out of this

Re-run the firmware update… Once done, disconnect and reconnect the drive to your computer and it should be recognized.

Hope it helps.