My Passport Essential Drives 500gb only one of two being recognized

I recently bought 2 of these USB drives and just tonite tried to connect the second drive of two. My desktop that is running on Windows 7 will only recognize the first drive that is connected. If both drives are connected only the first drive to be connected  gets assigned a drive letter and the other despite the device driver being successfully loaded isn’t being recognized. Can I only run one of these drives at a time? I have a couple of Seagate Free Agent drives that will run at the same time. I’m wondering why these won’t.

Try going into computer management and see if they are both online. If not change it. You may have to rename one also.


I am having the same problem, only one works when two are plugged in. I renamed them and have looked for them in disk management, if I have only one connected it shows up no problem but if I plug a second passport in it doesn’t get assigned a letter in drive management. My computer recognizes the first drive but not the second. Both drives will show in my device manager but not disk management

Did you change the letter in Drive Management and make sure it is online?


Assign drive letters like P & Q to drives. Dynamic drive letter assignment may not work correctly on identical drives. Don’t assign letters closer to C/D/E drive letters.