My Passport Essential constant connect disconnect on some windows 8.1 machines

Hi All,

I have a 500 GB My Passport Essential, it works fine on my win 7 laptop, and my win 8.1 laptop, but on my win 8.1 pc that I recently built it constantly connect and disconnects.

I have tried disabling the hard drive sleep mode settings in power settings, tried using WD Drive Utilities on Win 7 but it wouldnt recognise the drive.

Turning off the sleep mode settings did make it show up for a very short while, but after that it was back to connecting and disconnecting.

The hdd light turns on, I can hear the drive spinning, and I can hear the connect/disconnect sounds from windows.

Any ideas?

Hi, welcome to the community.

It seems might be a power issue or the USB port in the board. Have you tried using another port and another cable? Also making sure in the power settings that the USB are not set to be turned off.