My Passport Essential and creating a Drive image?

Hey Guys,

I just bought a WD My  Passport Essentials 500GB external hard drive, i want to know if it will stop me from creating a drive image of my system in Windows 7,  in case my internal hard drive dies?

I see a lot of frustrated customers about not being able to use the drive as just a simple USB drive, instead of using the smartware etc.

There shouldn’t be any problem with using Windows 7 to create a backup image to the drive.

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I really hope so, i dont really care what the drive does automatically like everybody’s else seems to hate, as long as i can create a disk image of my laptop, it’s all good.

I just got the drive and it is saying 465 GB free, i didn’t know the software etc took up so much space?

Could you tell me the procedure to create an image from a 200gb SATA HDD on the 500gb Passport running under XP AND from a wicked HP a1224 which uses Drive letters A: thru J: (for USB connections etc ) or point me to the documentation?! Very much appreciated!

Dave In Atlanta

Sorry, I’m not Microsoft Technical Support.  Heck, I’m not even WD Tech Support.  But you should be able to find…aahh, what the heck.  See if “Normal”  backup does what you want.