My passport Essential access from a second PC

I have a “My Passport Essential” WDBACX0010XXX I have discovered that I must have to install SES driver on PC. I do not have administrator access on the PC. What can I do? It’s possible to find a new soft to dowload that do not need to installing the SES driver? Which different product my I buy with same characteristic but without this problem?


The SES drivers are not really necessary to recognize the passport, windows should already have the required driver to make it work. What problem are you having exactly?


the problem is when I ability a password to accede at the disk.

It works nice on my PC but when I want to see files at work or at school (with out admin access) it seam that is not possible without to install something.

What I’m looking for is a possibility to have a protection at the disk without any installation on a external PC.


If you are using password protection, to unlock the passport, go to start/computer and click on the unlock icon. It should be the same on any Windows based computer.