My passport essential 500gb wdbacy5000 (usb 3.0 and 2,0)

Hi, I have a problem with these drives. I bought one and instaled the ses driver, but nothing else has i didn’t whant any backup functionality in it active. It worked like a charm, so i thought about buying another. It worked fine by itself too, the problem apeared when i tried to conect both simultayniously. When i do it only recognises one in the windows explorer, but it recognises the second in the device manager.

I’m runing windows 7 ultimate 64bits in a asus g2s, and have all of microsoft updates up to date.

The drives seem to work fine in my sister’s laptop which has windows vista 32 bits, i also didn’t instal the ses driver in her computer.

Can anyone help.

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Hi there

Plug both drives on the computer and try this:

1- Go to Disk Management - Start > right click on Computer > Manage > Disk Management

2- Verify the drives, one is going to show offline > right click and make it online

You may also need to assing one a drive letter while in disk management.


your info probably is helpfull but aperently, my drives only needed to be connected to another computer simultaniously, because when i plug them in right now they decided to simply work, go figure.

by the way I deactivated the wd ses driver (not that it did anything for me before, but just in case), if you think this is a bad idea please tell me. also I have no intention of having backup from my pc in these drives

If you have no intention to backup the computer the ses driver is not needed, so wouldnt be a bad idea if you are going to drop files to the drive manually