My Passport Essential 500gb Problem

i plugged in the thing on my laptop. the autoplay for the WD unlocker came up like normal. key-ed in my password done.

but after that. nothing else happend. no hard disk detected or anything…and  after a few mins. the autoplay for the WD unlocker came up again.

i felt pissed and wanted to cry at the same time… i had like 200gb of unreplaceable pictures… music recordings… video projects… i was fine a few days ago… 

thank you 

Please describe the OS such as WIN or MAC also laptop or desktop? If a desktop try connecting the passport to the back of the PC.

im using a sony vaio e series laptop with windows 7. there only 3 usb ports at the side… i tried the back side of a window xp desktop it got detected… and a drive showed up in computer but… it was like showing used space as 0 bytes and free space is 0 too… :frowning:

It might  just be corrupt. Does the drive show up in Disk Management? If so what does it say? If it shows in disk Management then Test Disk might fix it.