My Passport Essential 500GB and Vista are not getting along anymore

I have been pulling my hair out trying to fix this problem for 2 days now. So I am REALLY hoping somebody can help me out!

I have a  My Passport Essential 500GB External Hard Drive and running Vista 32 bit. My problem is that I can no longer get to the files on my external hard drive. It looks like my computer is no longer finding the HD, or it’s touchy about reading it lately. The HD shows up under Device manager and looks like it is fully updated and healthy, but when I try to look at it in the “Computer” area it either freezes up and eventually I get a “windows explorer is not responding” error message. There has been a few times where the HD shows up, but it is slow to load and again…eventually Windows explorer crashes again.

I have not even had this HD for a month and have only put personal photos, school work and videos on it so I know there is not a virus. Does anybody have any idea how I can fix this problem without having to lose all of the files on my HD? All help would be GREATLY appreciated!

Your drive’s file system may be corrupted; read this post as it might have an answer you looking for.

Mabikay - SLK

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