My Passport Essential 500 GB properly formatting for Blu Ray Player

Hi everyone,

First excuse me for my bad English.

I want it to know how to format my passport essential 500 gb to work properly with my Sony BDP-S470?

When I bought this disk it was formatted to NTFS then I used SwissKnife V3 to formatted to FAT32 but after that if I connect to my rear USB on the blu ray player the player said “Unknown USB Device” and nothing happens. If I connect to the front USB first written the same “Unknown USB Device” and after 10 second on the screen is shown new icon with external USB device and now I can read music movies and photos. Even though the icon with “Unknown USB Device” is still there and when I browse my folders I see folder Recycle.bin through my player but when I browse through Windows I don’t see this folder.

Could you help me?


Have you seen these advices about power-related and contact problems?

Try an Y cable or powered hub. Check the cable; clean contacts if needed.

– dd